Thursday, October 22, 2009


To kick poverty out of Kenya through financing, management and training of small-scale & micro-          
entrepreneurs in Kenya.

1.0 Abstract

Maono Kenya is a Christian inter-denomination based Organization (CBO) working with rural & urban communities. It empowers the communities to start income generating projects to support their lively hood both in rural & urban setups.

The organization has been working with the communities in Kenya for the past three years.

The organization is run and managed by the locals who understand the challenges they are facing, as majority live on less than a dollar per day. This is worsened by the harsh economic times the world is undergoing where Kenya is not an exception.

It is this uncertainty that Maono Kenya was born to device new ways to tackle poverty after the known traditional methods failed. Today rain seasons have changed, local business are facing unprecedented challenges stretching the ordinary mwananchi livelyhood to the limit.

The projects are backed by professionals in agriculture, export specialists, market executives and mentors on behalf of the members.

At Maono Kenya, members are organized into groups of between 5 & 10 known as JAMII CELLS. The CELLS are trained , financed and assisted to manage their investments and also to look for local & international markets for their products especially those who may save enough to engage in yarn & carpet making, strawberry, dairy & chicken farming. Members are equipped with various skills the revolve around the CELL investment option e.g. spinning, strawberry farming, carpet making coupled with accounts & bookkeeping. The group manages its own day to day business with occasional audience with maono Kenya business development officers.

The JAMII CELLS have success story in many countries like Israel Pakistan, Tanzania, Rwanda etc but using different name e.g. UJAMAA of Tanzania.

2. Projects so far implemented.\

Many members have benefited from maono Kenya investment scheme which ranges from
daily cattle rearing, goat rearing, strawberry farming, yarn spinning & Carpet making. Others includes building of water harvesting tanks etc. We also support the youth to stop rural –urban migration by bringing information to them using ICT. As experts we train them how to manage their own digital villages. Please see some projects portfolio below.
Projects portfolio are:

Yarn spinning.

Carpet manufacturing.

Rain harvesting and Tanks installation for
Domestic use and green house Farming.

Dairy cattle & goat rearing

Strawberry farming

A kilo of this product retail at 250/= per kg locally & 6US$ in the European market.                       

Youth ICT Projects

Maono Kenya offers the following products@ services to its members.

a.)Mavuno Savings:

the members can use the accumulated cash as collateral in case of emergency. it encourages members to save towards development projects. For example building a residential house, buying dairy cattle and goats, chicken rearing and construction of water tanks and also purchase of computers and other ICT equipment.
members choose any investment of their choice or may join JAMII GROUPING for a group investment.

b.) Maono Savings:

This account is for members who wish to save for future projects and usually attracts a handsome interst. the member can use this as colatteral against school fees, weddings and any emergency cases.

c.) Uriithi Savings

This is a medical cover where a member invests for inpatient and funeral expenses. A member can save for an insurance cover for him/her and family members cover at a very reasonable savings per annum.

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